About The Jurassic Kingdoms Community

Our Beginnings

Jurassic Kingdoms originated back in 2014, originally as just the community based around Kenson’s old name, KensonVsGaming (as KensonPlays used to be known). In early 2016 (although Kenson has been around in the Content Creation space since 2014), that’s when Jurassic Kingdoms was officially and formally created. The Discord, the channels, and other forms of social media connected to the community. In late 2016 is when Jurassic Kingdoms was taken more seriously.

It was only recently that the Jurassic Kingdoms community reached one of its goals of 200 members on our Discord (as of around May 10th or so). Soon, our community will hopefully start exploding in growth and we hopefully will receive more and more people to hang out with on a regular basis!

Our Goals

Jurassic Kingdoms’ ultimate goal is to become a well known, and as one of the (if not the) most friendly Dinosaur, Dragon & Prehistorically focused communities out there. Anyone that is able to join and help us with our goal, we would be much appreciated. If you want to partner our communities together, please Contact Us and use the subject “Partnering With Jurassic Kingdoms”. We would love to hear your offers and suggestions for improving our community! That is, after all, one of the main goals that we’re always working on.

Someday we would love to become a one-stop-shop for any type of person who loves Dinosaurs, or similar topics (like Dragons, Monsters, etc); while maintaining a clean atmosphere where we do not allow bad language or major controversial topics. We have a few other great content creators in our community that strive to keep things clean, either as Family Friendly content creators, or non-swearing creators! Some of these include ReaverJolt, TheFabled1, and MilesPernicious.

The Future of Jurassic Kingdoms

The future of Jurassic Kingdoms includes having a super friendly, non-toxic community (as much as possible, at least)! We hope to expand to the point that we will be known as a place to learn, relax, & enjoy entertainment (movies, games, etc) together! If you would love to be a part of a growing community, joining now would be the best time, since you’d be a veteran of our community and can help others learn about us more easily!