About Kenson

Hello! You must be here to learn more about Kenson, right? You’ve come to the right place! This page will be updated over time, as new bits of information I’m comfortable publicly sharing happen. Be sure to check out my Twitter and Instagram profiles, to keep up to date behind the scenes off-streams! If you want to learn more about when I stream, view my stream schedule!

Old Living Spaces

I have lived in North America my whole live, I have never been off the continent, but would love to visit other continents in the future. Some I really want to visit include, but are not limited to: Australia, Europe, and Hawaii. But those are a lloooonngg ways down the road, if it ever happens. I’ve lived in (the past, not currently) in Washington state; Southern California; British Columbia, Canada; and other places. (Current exact whereabouts kept relatively private for privacy/security reasons)

I moved to Texas in June, am currently 26-Years-Old, and am super friendly, happy, and outgoing. I love to put smiles on people’s faces. In fact, that’s my primary goal! If I can make just 1 or 2 people happy that day, I call it a successful day. Although, I wouldn’t be opposed to many more peeps having those frowns turned upside down! Wouldn’t you agree? Making someone happy is very important to me.

Community Creation

Kenson & the Jurassic Kingdoms community currently runs vanilla Minecraft, and ARK Survival (Steam) servers for Twitch Subs & Patrons! You can join it by subscribing on Twitch at any tier, or by pledging on Patreon at the $5/mo tier. There will be public servers for followers of the stream, and regular community members in the future; although that will be once we are able to afford to run a few servers!

I highly suggest checking out our Discord server, which has over 200 members at the last updating of this page!