Welcome to Jurassic Kingdoms!

Welcome to Jurassic Kingdoms! This is the Official website of KensonPlays & the Jurassic Kingdoms community. We are a community that loves dinosaurs, dragons, Science-Fiction, and much more! Our primary focus is to provide as clean of an atmosphere as we can for people of all ages. This means we do our best to keep language completely out of the Discord, Livestreams, videos, and more. Because of our wanting to keep things as Family-Friendly as possible, this means there will be no bad language coming from KensonPlays himself. We have some filters to help reduce bad language in the Discord and On-Stream.

Think of our community as a “Marvel Community,” if you will. Marvel (now owned by Disney) does not show any particularly gory bits in the movies in that universe (with the exception of Endgame, in Kenson’s humble opinion, but won’t spoil it), which is one thing he likes. That’s what Jurassic Kingdoms does their best to strive for! We want to be a welcoming community for all who want to join. So if you decide to join the Discord & streams, please be aware that this is the primary rule here.

We hope that you enjoy your stay here at Jurassic Kingdoms. If you have any sponsorship or partnership opportunities, questions or concerns, or anything else, please visit the Contact page to get a hold of me directly via email. Kenson will get a hold of you within the day, unless other more pressing matters are taking priority (like Family & Friends IRL), or is in the middle of a live-stream. If he is streaming, come on by and get a good look at what we’re like!